Hello—my name is Drew Moody. Welcome to A Table in the Corner of the Cafe. Feel free to pull up a chair.

I built this Table in Spring 2011. At the time, I was a barista at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Evanston, Illinois—a suburb just north of the great city of Chicago. I left the coffee industry after being in the business for almost ten years to pursue other career interests, but my heart was still with my favorite beverage—coffee.

My interests were split in two directions—professional editorial work and specialty coffee. The Table was the great compromise.

By starting this blog, I was able to keep one foot in the coffee industry and the other in the corporate world.

A Table in the Corner of the Cafe is a blog dedicated to specialty coffee and cafe reviews, primarily, but it also features a wealth of information about coffee, my opinions of the goings on in and of the coffee industry, coffee news, and some fun and games along the way.

Most importantly, though, A Table in the Corner of the Cafe is all about community. Please feel free to share your ideas with me, tell me about the things you find interesting, write guest articles, and engage with other readers.

There’s always room here at the Table, so feel free to pull up a chair.