Hello. My name is Drew Moody. Welcome to A Table in the Corner of the Cafe. Feel free to pull up a chair.

I built this Table in the Spring of 2011. I was a barista at the time, working at a shop in Chicago; but after years of searching for higher employment, I was given the opportunity to perform my passion of writing and editing in the corporate world. I left the coffee industry after being in it for almost ten years to pursue other career interests, but my heart was still with my favorite beverage—coffee.

A Table in the Corner of the Cafe was my compromise. By starting this blog, I was able to keep one foot in the coffee industry and the other in the corporate world. A Table in the Corner of the Cafe is dedicated to specialty coffee and cafe reviews, primarily, but also features reviews of other craft beverages—such as beer, spirits, soda, and tea. Sometimes, I’ll even take a moment to share some of my opinions of the coffee industry from a consumer’s perspective.

How the Table Works

Every coffee submitted to the Table for review undergoes a lengthy review process. The coffee is evaluated with a dual evaluation system—first by cupping. Coffee cupping is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice—used by buyers, importers, roasters, and baristas—but can be done informally by anyone; even you!

After the initial cupping session, the coffee undergoes a standard brewing evaluation using multiple devices over the span of several days. I do this so I can get a better idea of what the coffee tastes like when it’s being consumed casually.

I then collect all my findings and, in narrative form, write my review. Rather than writing evaluations of the coffee through every brewing device I used, I prefer to write a more holistic review that summarizes my findings across all the devices. In the event that a reader doesn’t have one of the brewing devices I employed during my brewing evaluation, that reader won’t be able to identify with my experience. Writing reviews that take into account all of the flavors I come across, I think, is more relatable for the reader.

I don’t score or even rate coffees; to learn more about why I made this decision, please refer to my article, “Keep No Score.”

How Submissions Work

Unless otherwise noted, all products reviewed by A Table in the Corner of the Cafe are unsolicited submissions (at no cost to me) from the product’s manufacturer. In exchange for these submissions, I provide the company with a free ad that links to their website in my right sidebar, an unbiased evaluation of their product, and social media promotion across various channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit).

I do not and will never charge companies to evaluate their products.

For submission inquires, please feel free to…

…Drop Me a Line

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  • hello, i’m very interested in what you are doing here on your blog. i run a blog called cup of texas about specialty coffee in my area. i would love to hear your feedback and maybe guest post. thanks!


    • Hey, I checked out what you’re doing at Cup of Texas – awesome stuff! I really like what you’re doing; your writing style is fantastic and the pictures are really classic. And I LOVE that each post is titled “A Cup of…” You should check out my Facebook group, Coffee Bloggers.

  • Hello Drew Moody!

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    Please let us know if you’d like to be considered for future issues of The Top Sheet or The Printed Blog or if you have any questions about our publications. Blog on!

    Yours in print,

    The Top Sheet Team

  • BrianR

    Java Greeting Drew. This is a fantastic blog! I have been looking for a local blogger from Chicago. I am actually sitting in a coffee shop ( who knew!) Reading all you entries. Will definitely be bookmarking you.
    Happy blogging!

  • Hey Drew, great work – Steve Agi here, thecaffiend from Melb. Australia
    Would love to connect – we havea brand new media portal, http://www.worldofcoffee.com.au that includes a TV show, online mag and mobile app – would be uber-cool if we joined forces as I think you are doing some very good things on here
    Happy to discuss – steve.agi@worldofcoffee.com.au

    • Wow! Your site is a lot more professional than mine is! I’d love to collaborate – what do you have in mind?

  • Hello Drew,

    I work for a specialty coffee company in SOCAL called Klatch Coffee. I’d like ask if you’d interested in reviewing our Original Christmas blend. I checked out your blog and noticed that you’ve been reviewing whole beans from various companies and was hoping you’d be interested to review ours.

  • Esther


    Hey Drew, I work for Joe in NYC and I stumbled across your site after doing a search about coffee reviews. I have say that I really enjoy your writing. You’re obviously knowledgable about coffee, as well as a good journalist. I hope you”ll sample some Joe coffee soon, we just started roasting our own coffee last year.

  • Hi Drew Like the site very much. Thought you might be interested in a cafe with a slight difference. cartoonlecafe.wordpress.com

  • Hey Drew great site! Stumbled upon it by clicking your link on Instagram. I also run a coffee blog and would be interested in doing some guest writing. I do a lot of cafe reviews mostly in the northern Wisconsin area. I look forward to your reply!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I checked out your site too and I dig it. I like how concise your reviews are – everything I need to know in 300 words or less. Perfect. Shoot me an email at drew@cornerofthecafe.com so we can discuss guest posts (as long as you don’t mind writing for free, lol).

  • Hi Drew! I must say, I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of the articles in your site such as “Coffee Tasting Wheel,” “The Coffee Belt,” “Chemex,” and “8 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Coffee Practices.” As someone who enjoys drinking coffee, I’d like to pull up a chair and share something with you that you might find interesting: ALKALINE WATER in brewing coffee. That’s right. Alkaline water makes coffee taste better and less acidic, plus, the aroma is stronger. We use Alkaline water in brewing our morning coffee in the office all the time, and there has never been a morning where it doesn’t smell like a coffee house! Try it; it’s REALLY awesome!!


    Maria O.
    Walnut, CA

  • Dear Drew,

    I love your posts, great stuff! I can see you are as passionate about coffee as we are. That is why I am asking you to check out our campaign on Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/smokedcoffee/x/3205293)
    It is about a brand new coffee, and we really want to make this dream and idea happen. Please check the link, or if you find it unsafe, just search for smoked coffee on Indiegogo, or
    mail us here.
    If you like the idea, please help us, or just share it with your followers, if you think that is something they might be interested in.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.


    Becky and The Smoked Coffee team

  • Hey, your blog came up in conversation the other day. It’d be great to get your feedback on some of our new SO coffees. You can reach me @ davidy@tonyscoffee.com

  • Hi there Drew! I am a cultural anthropologist with extensive experience researching both specialty coffee and industrial coffee (in Vietnam where I currently research). I’m off to a sustainable food systems workshop in southern Austria tomorrow and I will be passing through Vienna on the way. As I always do when traveling to a new place, I spent a lot of time researching where to get some great coffee and see interesting cafe spaces. I’ve had some wild responses trying to track down specialty coffee in one of the most historic coffee spaces in the world and I would love to write up a guest post about the cafe/coffee dichotomies in Vienna (historic Euro style and direct trade third/forth wave). Of course, I would love to profile the great cafes I hope to come across too…

    If you’re at all interested, please drop me a line and I’ll get right on it! Long time reader here! Best,

  • Hey Drew- Thanks for following us on Twitter! You have some nice coffees reviewed on your site, and great information presented well. Have you been to our Roasting Studio and Cafe? Would love to get you some coffee samples if you are interested.

    • Hey Rick! Thanks for the compliments! It’s much appreciated. I would love to try your stuff! Always looking for new coffees to try and small businesses to promote. Shoot me an email at drew@cornerofthecafe.com so we can set something up!

  • Sharon

    Hello Drew. I love your website and wedding ideas! Where can I find those coffee mugs? Please let me know. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks! I got those mugs from various thrift stores and flea markets.

  • Hey Drew, I ran across your blog while researching various coffee subscription services for a feature in Coffee Magazine (on iOS). I’d love to include your article on the subject (http://www.cornerofthecafe.com/coffee-subscription-services-roundup) in a future issue, including backlinks to your blog if you’re interested.

  • Hey Drew,
    I work for PERC Coffee in Savannah, Ga. and we really dig Corner of the Cafe. We wanted to send you a couple samples of our coffee to thank you for the great work. What’s your mailing address?

    • Thanks for the compliment! I’ll send a reply to your email address.

  • Katharina

    Hi Drew,
    I’m a fan of the content on your website and currently an intern at Singing Rooster, a U.S. based non-profit and a champion of Haitian coffee farmers (they provide agricultural assistance, technical improvements, buy crops, roast & market Haitian coffee on behalf of small scale producers). I would like to offer you free samples of Haitian coffee to get your opinion. You can contact me via email, if you are interested. Thank you!

  • Hakon

    Hi Drew:)

    We at the Counter Roastery love to experiment and we have now made a video of the process of making something we like to call “Pearled Coffee”. Pearls of 4 times concentrated on-site brewed filter coffee.
    As the pearls can be served with everything from milk to baileys to tequila we find the potential very interesting.

    Would be a pleasure to spread the word about it and we wonder if you could be interested.
    Shall we send you the video?

    Bests, Hakon

  • Tankfarm & Co.

    Hey Drew

    We’ve been following Corner of the Cafe for sometime now and just came out with our own Cold Brew. We just had our Cold Brew Collaboration “Motor Oil” with Portola Coffee Lab who just won Micro Roaster of the year from Roast Magazine. Let us know if you have any further questions on what type of coffee it is used or where the bean was sourced. Also let us know if you would like us to send one over.

  • Zayde

    Hi Drew,

    I would love to share some coffee with you. Where can I send to please?

    Zayde Naquib
    Bar Nine,
    Los Angeles

  • Roark

    Hey Drew,

    I’m with Moustache Coffee Club. We’re a subscription service in LA and we ship coffee all over from there. I love your blog and I would love it if you would review one of our coffees. Can I send you a 12oz bag?


  • Louisa Nicholson

    Hi Drew,

    My name is Louisa, co-Founder of the Coffee Co-Mission, http://CoffeeCoMission.com . We are a specialty coffee company devoted to unlocking coffee’s own potential. We create and sell truly special coffee to enable us to work for poverty alleviation and help other people fulfill their potential. I would be honored if you could take the time to review our products on your blog, I think your readers would enjoy it. We do coffee samples for just a buck and we currently offer 4 coffees to the public: Kenyan AA Single Origin, Ethiopian Harar Mocha Single Origin, and our own unique blends Meru and Akälä. I recommend trying our Kenyan AA and Akälä blend myself, they have been our best sellers. We have another 6 coffees for our wholesale customers that we’ll be releasing to the public throughout the rest of the year.

    I would also be interested in writing a guest article if the opportunity is available, just let me know and I can shoot over some ideas.

    Coffee Co-Mission

  • Fika Coffee App

    Hi Drew!

    I love the blog! Your extensive list of coffees has been extremely helpful to us at Fika as we expanded the number of roasters and coffees in our own database.

    My name is Sam Reilly, and I am the founder of Fika: A Social Coffee Journal. Fika can best be described as Untappd for Coffee, and we would love to partner with you and get you on the App! We just released yesterday.

    We would be honored to have you. Our website is fikaapp.coffee, and you can email me at sam@fikaapp.coffee!

    I hope to hear from you soon!