Best Coffee Subscription Services – Coffee of the Month Club Reviews

If you stumble around every morning in a zombified state until you get your sweet, sweet caffeine, you need to look at coffee subscription services. They offer the latest and greatest in gourmet coffee, and since they leave it right on your doorstep, they couldn’t be any more convenient unless they went into your kitchen and personally brewed it.

Here are just a few coffee subscription services that you’ll want to consider!

1. Atlas Coffee Club – Our Top Pick

Atlas Coffee Club is one of the best subscription services out there.

For starters, it offers premium roasts that are always made from high-quality coffee beans. They have deals with local farmers all around the world, and they pay top dollar for the very best picks from rich, fertile soils and sun-dappled tree groves.

They also have an amazing selection. Every month, they’ll send you fresh and exotic flavors that come from different parts of the globe. From the dark roasts of France to the sweet and fruity blends of Kenya, they’ve got you covered.

Consider the Atlas Coffee Club if you’re looking for a subscription service that will expand your horizons while still giving you everything that you’d expect from a monthly coffee box.

2. Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee is so customized that it’s like a friendly barista who always has your coffee order waiting for you.

  • When you sign up, you take a quiz that matches you with potential roasts and flavor profiles.
  • As you receive coffee, you rate it, which refines your suggestions even more.
  • If you liked it, you can order more from the company website.

You never have to guess with Trade Coffee. Just let them know your preferences, and they’ll figure out the rest. They offer a personal touch that isn’t seen in many of their competitors.

3. Angel’s Cup

Angel’s Cup is a unique coffee subscription service. Instead of enticing you with colorful packages and customized flavor profiles, they send you plain black bags with numbers printed on them. Once you’ve enjoyed a blind taste test without any preconceived notions about the coffee, you can look it up on their website and see what it is.

As you might imagine, this guessing game isn’t for everyone. It isn’t suitable for people with dietary restrictions, and it might drive you crazy if you’re a control freak about your caffeine.

If you love trying new things, however, and you’re intrigued by the thought of sampling different gourmet coffees without any prejudice, Angel’s Cup could be a fun way to start the day!

4. Bean Box

You’ve probably heard of Bean Box. It’s one of the biggest names in coffee subscription services, and it lives up to the hype by providing amazing and affordable coffee deliveries.

Starting at just $5 a month, these coffee boxes are hand-picked to ensure their quality and freshness. They’re available for every roast type, so whether you like them mild, strong, sweet, bitter or ultra-caffeinated, you can find something to suit your particular tastes.

When you discover a new favorite, simply go on their website and order more. Bean Box subscribers get a discount, so it’s a subscription service that pays off in more ways than one.

5. Mistobox – Most Popular

Do you drink the same store-bought coffee every single morning? It’s time to branch out and try something new.

Fortunately, Mistobox makes it easy. They have hundreds of fresh, flavorful coffees in an extensive coffee library, and they’ll help you figure out your “brew queue” if you don’t have any strong preferences just yet. You can even be matched with a “coffee curator” who will make personalized suggestions for your monthly box based on your previous likes and dislikes.

Another nice thing about Mistobox is that you can order either beans or grounds. Many coffee subscription services only offer one of the two, but here, you can decide for yourself what you’re in the mood for and order accordingly.

6. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee is a sustainable choice for coffee gurus who are concerned about their impact on the world. In addition to their ethical, fair-trade business decisions, they never forget the farmers who make their work possible in the first place. Each monthly box includes pictures, notes, details and stories from the farmers who harvested those particular beans!

The end result is a farm-to-table connection that isn’t offered by any other coffee subscription service. You’ll get to enjoy flavorful roasts from all around the world, but you’ll also get to bask in the knowledge that you’re making a positive choice in the world.

You can’t ask for more from a morning latte!

7. Crema Coffee

Offering hundreds and hundreds of coffees, Crema Coffee has one of the largest collections of any subscription service on the market. Even better, it allows you to taste your way through them by sampling different brands every month.

Here are just a few ways that you’re allowed to customize your order:

  • Size
  • Grind
  • Tasting notes
  • Roast profile
  • Frequency of delivery
  • Country of origin

When you put them all together, you’ll have a completely customized box based on your own unique coffee preferences. But don’t worry if you’re still figuring things out! Crema Coffee also offers a “smart” brew log that will help you track, identify, rate and re-order the brews that you like the most.

Coffee Subscription Services: A Buyer’s Guide

You don’t have to pick the beans off the coffee tree in the grueling Guatemalan sun. Thanks to coffee subscription services, you can get fresh, gourmet java delivered straight to your door. You just have to figure out which coffee subscriptions are worth it.


First things first: How much can you afford to spend on coffee? Most subscription services charge by the month, but you might be able to get a better deal if you sign up for a larger chunk of time. Another thing to consider is whether they offer bigger bags of their sample sizes, and if so, how much they’ll cost.


Every subscription service has their own “library” of coffee, so take a peek at their brands, flavors, origins and roasting methods before you commit. You should also look at whether they’ll let you choose your own coffee for the month or if they make the selections for you.

Customer Service

The best coffee delivery services have perks for their subscribers. For example, they might offer an app with exclusive deals and discounts, or they might have extras like shipment tracking or online record-keeping for notes and observations about their coffees.


Are they artisans? Do they use single-origin beans? Is their coffee defined as arabica, robusta or a combination of the two? Do they ship it quickly once it’s been roasted to ensure maximum freshness? These are all important questions to ask when determining quality.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you compare and contrast coffee subscription services. If you make a good choice, you can wake up to fresh, aromatic coffee filling your kitchen every morning!

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