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  • Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters // Kenya Kiawamururu

    Kenya Kiawamururu

    Located in the Nyeri district, in the southern foothills of Mount Kenya and managed by the Rumukia Farmer’s Cooperative Society (FCS), Kiawamururu receives coffee cherry from nearly 550 smallholder coffee farmers. Each cooperative member tends about two hundred coffee shrubs producing SL28 and SL34 varieties, native Kenyan cultivars celebrated for their complex aromatics and flavors. […]

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  • Coffee Subscription Services Roundup

    Coffee subscription services are THE hot new thing in the industry, currently. And why not? With all those Fill in the Blank of the Month clubs that have been around for years, why shouldn’t specialty coffee be given a fair shake too? Coffee subscription services—and other similar services that thrive on the postal service—have almost […]