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  • Higher Grounds Trading Company // Cariño Blend

    higher grounds trading carino blend

    Three honey-processed coffees from the Honduras COMSA Cooperative—two single-farmer lots and one community lot—comprise the Cariño Blend. Montgomery Melghem’s farm, Finca San Pablo, is located in the town of El Pastal, in western Honduras. Founded by Pablo Melghem in 1915, for over a century Finca San Pablo has kept excellent growing, harvesting and processing techniques as […]

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  • Higher Grounds Trading Company // Honduras COMSA Miriam Perez Microlot

    Miriam Elizabeth (“Betty”) Perez has been a longstanding advocate of women in leadership positions within the Honduras COMSA cooperative, and she has consistently produced outstanding coffee. We are beyond pleased to offer her honey-processed coffee this year, a lush and satisfying cup reminiscent of a full-blown natural. Harvest is carried out in the months of December […]

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  • Higher Grounds Trading Company // Peru Norandino Natural

    Peru Norandino Natural

    Peru Norandino Cooperative is an association of small-scale coffee producers in northern Peru. The 90 grassroots organizations with more than 6,600 producers, located on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in Piura. Cooperativa Norandino brings together three important coffee farmer groups with a long history in Peru.  One such organization is the Central Piurana […]