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  • Kickapoo Coffee Roasters // Organic Winter Solstice

    Kickapoo Coffee Organic Winter Solstice

      Kickapoo Coffee Roasters ushers in the season with their Organic Winter Solstice—a seasonal blend of Congolese and Peruvian coffees. CONGO SOPACDI COOPERATIVE The Congolese component comes from the Sopacdi Cooperative, which is comprised of 5600 small-holder farmers. Given the political strife in the DRC, these farmers have in the past been forced to smuggle […]

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  • Kickapoo Coffee // Congo Muungano

    Kickapoo Coffee Congo Muungano

    In Swahili, Muungano means “togetherness,” and it is a guiding principle for the farmers of the Muungano Coffee Cooperative. For many years, the people of eastern Congo — Bahunde, Bahavu, Bashi, Batembo, and Rwandan Congolese — were divided by war, but through Muungano, they are once again working as one to create a brighter future […]