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  • Counter Culture Coffee // Papua New Guinea Tairora

    Counter Culture Coffee Papua New Guinea Tairora

    The coffee-growing region of Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands is one of the most remote places on earth. The region’s legendary biodiversity, rich topsoil, elevation, and perfect weather make it one of the planet’s most unusual microclimates. Many smallholder farms in Papua New Guinea could be more accurately classified as “coffee gardens”; a farmer might […]

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  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Counter Culture Coffee // No Middle Ground Coffee IPA

    No Middle Ground Coffee IPA

    I just arrived at Counter Culture Coffee’s training center here in Chicago to attend a launch party for the highly-anticipated “No Middle Ground Coffee IPA”—a collaboration between giants of two craft industries: Counter Culture Coffee and Sierra Nevada brewing Company. The partnership started when All About Beer Magazine invited Counter Culture to Sierra Nevada’s 122nd Beer Camp with […]

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  • Coffee Subscription Services Roundup

    Coffee subscription services are THE hot new thing in the industry, currently. And why not? With all those Fill in the Blank of the Month clubs that have been around for years, why shouldn’t specialty coffee be given a fair shake too? Coffee subscription services—and other similar services that thrive on the postal service—have almost […]

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  • Sprudge.com’s “Kenya Dig It” Recap

    This is a guest post by Greg Albright. If you are interested in writing guest articles for the Table, feel free to contact me. Last Thursday (10/26/12), Intelligentsia’s newest Chicago location hosted “coffee news and frothy gossip” outlet Sprudge’s sixth cupping party, “Kenya Dig It”. Cupping is the coffee industry’s practice of evaluating numerous coffees […]