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  • Pablo’s Coffee // Kenya Ndimaini

    Situated 120km north of Nairobi, Kianderi is in Murang’a county, bordering the more well known Nyeri District to the south of Mt. Kenya. Smallholder farmers in this area are generally of Kikuyu ethnicity. Kianderi ‘Factory’ is a washing station established by the Weithaga Farmer Cooperative Society. The coop is comprised of over 1100 smallholder members […]

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  • Left Hand Brewing Company // Bittersweet Coffee Milk Stout

    Bittersweet Imperial Coffee Milk Stout

    Late last year, Left Hand Brewing Company introduced Bittersweet Coffee Milk Stout, brewing the perfect blend of stout and coffee in a limited time offering. Offered in 22oz and draft, Bittersweet brings together Left Hand’s iconic, nationally-renown Milk Stout with Allegro Coffee’s Mocha Java Blend, for a truly Colorado craft pairing. At 8.9% ABV, Bittersweet is […]

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  • Oskar Blues Brewery // Hotbox Coffee Porter

    Hotbox Coffee Porter

    Oskar Blues Brewery and Hotbox Roasters have collaborated to introduce a national, limited release brew that packs a roasted coffee punch—Hotbox Coffee Porter. Hotbox Coffee Porter (6.4% ABV/30 IBUs) has a malted base extracted from English and German roasted and caramel malts. Hotbox Roasters then crashes the party and infuses potent, cold-extracted coffee from Burundian […]

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  • Huckleberry Roasters // Rwanda Kigeyo

    Huckleberry Roasters Rwanda Kigeyo

    Kigeyo is one of the COOPAC cooperative’s washing station, located in the Rutsiro District on the shore of Lake Kivu. Cooperative member farmers grow their coffee using organic practices, and deliver their coffee cherry to the Kigeyo wetmill, where Emanuel Habizegato oversees coffee processing with an eye for exacting, and repeatable quality. Kigeyo ferments its […]

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  • Huckleberry Roasters // Ethiopia Zelelu

    Huckleberry Roasters Ethiopia Zelelu

    Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is easily one of the greatest coffee growing areas in the world; that practically goes without saying. Almost any coffee roaster will gush about how coffee originally evolved in Ethiopia, and most of us gravitate to Yirgacheffe’s characteristic refreshing, fruity, delicately citrus, and intensely floral flavors. What most coffee folks don’t like about Ethiopian […]

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  • Flying Baron Roasters // Kenya Wanjengi AA

    Flying Baron Kenya Wanjengi AA

    The Wanjengi cooperative wet mill is in a fantastic area for coffee production. High elevation, plentiful rainfall, and rich volcanic soil make this area prime coffee country. Most farms have cut steps for growing coffee into the mountains, which results in a constant enrichment of the soil, as fertilizer and compost move down the mountain to replace minerals lost. Farmers harvest […]