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  • PERC Coffee // Colombia Samaniego

    Colombia Samaniego

    Kuichi means “rainbow” in the indigenous Quechua language and is the name that 22 Samaniego-based farmers participating in the Borderlands project created for their coffee to distinguish it from other groups in the region. The Borderlands project—which was initiated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS)—works with growers all around the region of Nariño, Colombia. The project has helped […]

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  • Sunergos Coffee // Colombia Finca San Pascual

    Colombia Finca San Pascual

    Santa Barbara Estate is composed of 5 sister farms that lie across three neighbouring, geographical regions – Santa Barbara, Fredonia and Amagá. Established in the 1980s, from the beginning Sr. Pedro Echavarria knew that location was crucial. Attracted by diverse microclimates, singular volcanic soils, perfect altitude and a tradition of excellence in coffee production, he […]