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  • Coffee Mojo // Kenya Gatomboya

    Kenya Gatomboya

    The country currently has six million people working in the coffee industry with over 570,000 coffee farms. Some of the greatest coffees hail from the Nyeri District of the Central Province, nestled in the foothills between the Aberdare Mountains and the southwest slopes of Mount Kenya. One of the factories in this region is Gatomboya, […]

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  • Coffee Mojo // Ethiopia Adado

    Ethiopia Adado

    This Yirgacheffe coffee comes from the Adado Cooperative washing station in the southeastern Ethiopian highlands within the Gedeo Zone, south of the capital Addis Ababa. The Gedeo people (often referred to in literature as Darasa) are considered to be a culturally and linguistically distinct group. They are bordered by the Sidama in the East, the Alaba in the North, the […]