“It’s Time to CHANG Your Mind…”

illustration by Ashley Timmer

Are you a fan of coffee? Are you a fan of the incredible NBC sitcom, Community? If you said “yes” to both, this post is for you.

Community, by far my favorite show currently on television, has some of the best characters around. Personally, I think that Senor Chang – the maniacal Chinese Spanish teacher – is one of the best characters any sitcom has ever seen. He’s certainly one of the funniest.

Here are just some of my favorite Senor Chang quotes to prove my point:

  • “Chang babies love the sauce, you know? Alcohol AND Duck.”
  • “Trust me, I know these vents like the back of my Chang.”
  • “Between you and me, I don’t Chang a lot of chicks.”
  • “Chang: Are you ignoring me because I’m Korean?
    Shirley: You’re Chinese.
    Chang: Oh there’s a difference?”
  • “I did what any man would do. I faked my way into a job teaching Spanish at a community college using phrases from Sesame Street.”
  • “Professor Duncan: Not to be all particular, but you’re not a professor
    Señor Chang: Maybe because I don’t look like Ron Weasley”

Illustrator and animator extraordinaire, Ashley Timmer, has a submission for the producers of Community for the next episode, when the topic is specialty coffee.

illustration by Ashley Timmer
  • hahaha! Thank you for brightening my morning! Oh how I love Community. I’m sharing the great illustration with my friends who dig the Chang and coffee 🙂

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