Foxy Loxy Cafe // Savannah, Georgia

Foxy Loxy Cafe // Savannah, Georgia

This is a guest post by Astoria Jellett, of PERC Coffee in Savannah, Georgia. If you are interested in writing guest articles for the Table, feel free to contact me.

Foxy Loxy Cafe
1919 Bull Street // Savannah, Georgia // 912.401.0543

Coffee’s third wave came late  to Savannah, but it arrived a couple years ago, like the aftermath of a tsunami.Riding the top of that crest ever since is Foxy Loxy Cafe.

Foxy used to be a house. It stands on Bull Street in midtown Savannah, south of Forsyth Park and blessedly out of the tourist district. It’s across from the public library and the adjacent park, which provide their share of the “Keep Savannah Weird” crowd. There’s also a college building on the next block, which means juggling the student rush is a daily challenge for both staff and fellow patrons.

Walking up, you might hear people talking under the blue-ceilinged balcony, their anonymous voices carried down through the oak trees and Spanish Moss. The ground floor is an option too, with a line of black iron tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of the clean text of FOXY LOXY CAFÉ.

Lean into the door; it’s an old house, remember. Let’s say classes are in, so the college kids have gone and there’s no line jamming the narrow path between couch and wall to the bar. The bar forms the short leg of an L with the pastry display: kolaches, scones, famous FORM cheesecake, and anything else the baker whipped up last night. Owner Jen Jenkins is from Texas, so dive in for some Tex Mex; but if you’re feeling fancy, there’s always wine and a cheeseboard. Chill? Try a craft beer.

But I know what you came for: that late third wave.

Jenkins has a close relationship with her roaster, Philip Brown of PERC Coffee. The house blend is constant while single origins rotate every month,beautiful brews served in clean, wide-rimmed cups. They don’t do pourovers, but the drip is good and the cold brew, some say, is the best anywhere. Espresso is hit or miss depending on the barista, but “Top Fox” Jordan Mooney trains staff constantly on the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II.

The black, red, white, and wood interior design lends the cozy home a sling of style and brand while retaining its offbeat homey vibe. A revolving print show keeps the walls fresh – Jen, also a printmaking professor, has unquestionable taste.

Between the muscle-melting couches in the living room, the secluded sunroom, and the dark, dominant meeting tables both downstairs and upstairs, plus bar seating, you’d think there would always be a spot to settle into. And you’d be right, some of the time. But Foxy’s popular enough now that “Wanna Foxy?” is a legitimate pickup line, and people are always meeting up.

So what do you do when upstairs, downstairs, balcony, and front sidewalk are taken? You do a little exploring, and maybe find a treasure some patrons still don’t know, Foxy’s best-kept kind-of-secret: the courtyard.

Tall, vine-crawled walls, a bubbling pond, and an “Acoustic Altar” create a Secret Garden atmosphere, populated by dark, lacquered wood tables and white wrought iron chairs. It’s warm, insulated yet open, outside yet protected.

On a sunny day, with blue skies overhead, what could be better than simmering down with the birds and a hot mug?


Astoria Jellett is the copy writer and public relations manager for PERC Coffee in Savannah, Georgia.