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A Table in the Corner of the Cafe is not the be-all, end-all source for all things coffee. I know it’s surprising, but it’s true. When it comes to coffee blogs, there are all sorts of resources out there that are very beneficial – some sites focus on coffee or cafe reviews, some focus on hardware reviews, some focus on industry news, and others focus on coffee culture.

But coffee is a vast subject and the Internet is an enormous place – isn’t there an easier way to find really great content without sifting through pages and pages of Google search results?

Below is a small collection of just some of my favorite coffee blogs that the Interwebs have to offer. I visit some of these sites on a daily basis, and I think that you should too.

The Coffee Compass

fH0inbE4“If you’re enjoying a craft cup of coffee, a lot of people helped make that happen. On a fundamental level, somewhere a farmer (or farmers) cared about growing a quality product. When the coffee was sorted and processed someone cared to use more involved techniques to preserve quality. The importer likely employed state of the art technology to keep the green coffee fresh. The roaster developed a roast profile to bring out the salient flavor characteristics of that specific coffee. And finally, someone, whether it was a barista at your local cafe or you in your kitchen, carefully ground and brewed the coffee to ensure proper extraction. Indeed, coffee is a complicated, multifaceted, beautiful craft.”

Caldwell Coffee

_Puk4JO6“Meet the Caldwells! We’re Andrew and Victoria, and we love coffee. Ever since visiting a coffee farm during our honeymoon on Kona, we’ve developed a passion for the stories behind each cup of coffee we drink. We’re drinking some amazing coffees, and we’d love to share their stories with you.”


“Welcome to Sprudge.com, your daily source of coffee news, rumor, innuendo and intrigue. Started in 2009 by longtime friends Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, Sprudge seeks to be an ever-expanding clearinghouse of international coffee culture, a crossroads for the coffee-minded, and a rumpus room for coffee professionals and enthusiasts this world over.

“We want to be a part of your daily routine, your new favorite cafe conversation starter, something you can laugh about with your fellow baristas and erstwhile coffee comrades. We’re Sprudge.com – The World’s Most Trusted Coffee Tabloid.”


“Coffee is everywhere, but great coffee is a rare combination of farmer, roaster, and barista each building on each other’s work in a transnational process fraught with potential for failure. When you taste great coffee, it’s the result of a chain of people doing their jobs with great skill and attention to detail. That’s unfortunately rare. My goal with this blog is to find the people making great coffee all around the world, and tell you how to get there, while sharing the experience.”


jameshoffmann“My name is James Hoffmann, and this is my personal blog about coffee. I am the World Barista Champion 2007, having won the UK Barista competition in both 2006 and 2007. I am currently focused on Square Mile Coffee Roasters, and working with our wholesale clients on training, education and business development takes up much of my working day.  However I still continue to be involved in various aspects the industry.”

Dear Coffee, I Love You

dcily_2014“Dear Coffee, I Love You is a design driven resource for coffee lovers around the world. DCILY has published articles, commentary and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design since 2009. This site exists to inspire others to enjoy better coffee by promoting and supporting the highest quality beans, the most innovative design, and the creativity it fuels in people. Furthermore, DCILY hopes to encourage people to better appreciate the farmers who produce the beverage we love. Love coffee, live well, give back & inspire others.”

The Way to Coffee

static1.squarespace“A blog dedicated to discovering original coffee places and the most delicious coffee from across the globe. It is a journey taking me from little unknown corner shops to well established specialty coffee places and from artisan micro-roasters to leading specialty roasters. The Way to Coffee also features inspiring coffee people I meet on the way who are passionate about growing, brewing or roasting coffee. All coffee shops featured on this website have been visited by me, loved by me and had a special something that made me want to tell the rest of the world about them!”

Coffee Northern Ireland

icon-web-logo-1-150x150“Coffee Northern Ireland is all about sharing and celebrating a search for great coffee. We are most active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Our coffee jobs Facebook group page is here. Sometimes we write about the coffee, people, places and experiences we find here.

Pure Coffee Blog

vik2“The Pure Coffee Blog exists to help people find tremendous coffee and tea, both in their backyard and in their travels. Sure there are tons of sites that boast to help you find good coffee, but most of these sites are driven by an ever-unpredictable “user rating” and some simply go off the recommendations of others. Every venue on this blog I have had the distinct blessing and honor of visiting, and each coffee/tea/product featured here has been cupped/sampled personally in my humble abode. While the Pure Coffee Blog seeks to exalt those in the industry who are doing great things with coffee and tea, this is not a blog that focuses on the microscopic differences amidst the greats (places with a 6+ and the occasional 5+ (see ‘Rating System’ below)). Sure differences exist, but If a coffeehouse can pull quality shots of espresso and pour a toothsome cup of coffee (whether it be from a pour-over, siphon, aeropress, V60, french press or gym sock), that’s all I (and most people) want. My desire is to make known quality establishments and products, not so much to dissect quality places and stuff on minor differences.”


I Brew My Own Coffee

7idlFJgu“We created I Brew My Own Coffee to be a quality resource for you to learn about brewing great coffee at home or in the office. We believe in providing you, as our listeners, a non-biased, ad free show every other week. We’re also committed to providing personalized coffee recommendations every month to folks who subscribe to our service. Through these podcasts and monthly coffee recommendations it’s our goal to help you become more knowledgeable about the coffees you’re brewing and to become a part of a vibrant and growing coffee community.”

Opposites Extract

cover170x170“Opposites Extract is a show dedicated to exploring specialty coffee through lively, reasoned, and civil debate about a whole range of topics relevant to anybody who works drinks, loves, hates, dreams about, thinks about, works with, or is simply curious about coffee. (In other words, you don’t have to be pro to be pro or con.) In each episode, debaters will square off and argue from assigned sides, as determined by a random coin toss. Participating debaters pledge to honor and represent the position they are assigned, regardless of their personal opinions and perspectives. At the end of each episode, debaters will have an opportunity to discuss their actual thoughts about the topic, and their process in formulating their arguments. Things might get a little heated sometimes, but hey, we’re brewing here.”

Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

Podcast-Logo-550x551“In 2006, a barista named Chris Baca from Ritual Coffee in San Francisco decided to enter his first barista competition. At the Western Regional Barista competition, he met Jared Truby, and from there began a coffee partnership and friendship that would expand over the next nine years. Baca and Truby (as a duo they have been affectionately referred to as Trubaca) have worked together on a number of projects, and have recently started Cat & Cloud, a multi-faceted website with coffee at its core meant to serve as a launching pad for a number of creative projects. One of those projects is a coffee-themed podcast.”

Coffee Awesome

HAM_Bjorg1-619x346“Bjorg Brend Laird is the co-founder of Supersonic Coffee, a coffee roasting/wholesale/retail operation located in Berkeley. Her job is to support her Supersonic colleagues to be awesome at what they do. Which includes anything from long-term planning and day-to-day organizing, writing/editing text, internal communication and company mind set. When she travels she brings her recorder and talk to some of the awesome people that she meets. Coffee Awesome is a podcast about coffee. Topics can be coffee people, the product, agronomy, geography, history, café business, brewing, science, taste. The first Coffee Awesome podcast about coffee was launched May 20th 2014. You can listen to the previous podcast’s here or find them on iTunes.”

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  • Great list. I love all the coffee ‘equipment’ that DailyShotOfCoffee reviews.. and of course THIS blog! I will definitely take a look at some of the others suggested here. Thanks

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  • Great post! Only just began drinking coffee regularly, but can’t wait to read through the blogs!

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