Here’s a brewing method that truly needs no introduction – the Hario V60. This brewer has been around for years and years and years, but has recently received the benefits of a massive rise in popularity, with many thanks to the so-called “third wave” of specialty coffee companies like Intelligentsia.

The biggest point of the third wave was the idea of single-cup brewing. Since the early 2000′s, when specialty coffee really started taking off, it’s become a pretty well-proven fact that single-cup brewing is the absolute ultimate way to brew coffee. Rather than storing freshly brewed coffee in a big holding tank (like an airpot), the Hario brews perfect coffee one cup at a time.


This video comes to us, courtesy of MadCap Coffee Company, in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

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  • with only a couple pieces of equipment, there’s very little cleanup
  • with the coffee taking a minute to grind, the water taking five minutes to boil, and the brewing taking about 3-4 minutes, this method is quick and efficient
  • with the filters costing about $4-10 per pack and the dripper costing around $20-25, this method is cost effective
  • this method leaves virtually no sediment in the cup, bringing out all the best flavors of any given coffee
  • with the proper pouring technique, this method ensures that all of the coffee grounds are touched by the water, bringing out the most flavor of any given coffee
  • it’s easy, intuitive, and the way coffee was meant to be prepared


  • you’ll only be able to make one or two cups of coffee at a time, so this may not be the best method for entertaining a large group of people