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  • Higher Grounds Trading Company // Honduras COMSA Miriam Perez Microlot

    Miriam Elizabeth (“Betty”) Perez has been a longstanding advocate of women in leadership positions within the Honduras COMSA cooperative, and she has consistently produced outstanding coffee. We are beyond pleased to offer her honey-processed coffee this year, a lush and satisfying cup reminiscent of a full-blown natural. Harvest is carried out in the months of December […]

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  • Colectivo Coffee // Guatemala Hunapu Mountain of Flowers

    guatemala hunapu

    Guatemala Hunapu Mountain of Flowers comes from a highland valley, Antigua. Antigua is a city and a coffee producing region in Guatemala’s central highlands. It is also a popular tourist attraction due to its well-preserved colonial heritage and remarkable scenery. Antigua sits in a valley surrounded by three massive volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The […]