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  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters // Hair Bender

    Hair Bender

    Hair Bender is Stumptown Coffee’s most popular product, outselling all of their other coffees and being featured as the espresso choice in specialty coffee shops all over the country. Named for a long-shuttered beauty parlor that housed the first Stumptown location, Hair Bender was the very first blend that Stumptown-founder Duane Sorenson introduced to the world. […]

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  • Lao Mountain Coffee // Mekong Rising

    Lao Mountain Coffee Mekong Rising

    Coffee in Laos is cultivated almost exclusively on the Bolaven Plateau in Champasak Province in the southern part of the country. The plateau, with ample rainfall, cool temperatures and rich volcanic soil, reaches an elevation of over 1300 meters above sea level. The coffee growing community in Laos—the majority of whom work in this are—includes about […]