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  • Thoughts on Craft Coffee

    I’ve been a subscriber of Craft Coffee for a while now and was a champion of the company from day one. When I signed on with Craft, I was excited by the prospect of receiving three coffees, from different roasters, every month. I love coffee and I love exploring and trying new roasters (I get […]

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  • “Shut Up and Drink Your Coffee”

    life is short enjoy your coffee

    Tony Konecny didn’t ask for it, but I’m rushing to his defense. A couple weeks ago, the Tonx Coffee co-founder took to his company’s blog and wrote “a contrary view in the collective quest for the perfect cup” entitled “Brewing Perfection.” I really encourage you to read the piece for yourself, but, in summary, Konecny wrote […]

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  • Why I Drink Coffee

    dear old dad

    Every day my dear old dad wakes up early in the morning and sleepily shuffles his way to the front porch to fetch his morning newspaper, then proceeds to the kitchen, where he scoops out a few tablespoons of coffee grounds, dumps them into his automatic coffee maker, switches the machine on, and collapses into one of the […]

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  • K-Cups Are No Laughing Matter

    For the past couple of April Fools Days, I’ve posted a phony positive review of a Green Mountain K-Cup, but after reading a recent article about the financial and environmental impacts of the K-Cup, I decided that they are no laughing matter. I, of course, used to be of the opinion “if you like K-Cups, whatever—enjoy […]