Brewing Methods

Once upon a time, there were but one or two ways to brew coffee – there was the percolator, of course; then came the automatic drip brewer. Nowadays, though, there are dozens of ways to make a cup of coffee! And, of course, any given method has major proponents who will swear by it, and opponents who will criticize and reject it.

In the “Brewing Methods” section, you’ll be able to browse through several tabs and watch videos of various brewing methods – like the Chemex, the Hario V60, the French press, etc. – that fabulous locally-owned coffee companies and other coffee experts produced. You can also browse through these pages by clicking the caption of the corresponding images below.

I’m not one of those pretentious baristas that will live and die by any certain brewing method (though I will fight the person that attempts to tell me that K-cups are the wave of the future), but I will attempt to spell out the pros and cons of the methods displayed herein.

Happy brewing, folks!